Making agriculture profitable and
environmentally sustainable today
and in the future

Farmers who provide food security for the world, are left to deal with risks and uncertainty on their own

A farmer has to single-handedly navigate several unknowns – from pre-sowing factors such as changing weather conditions, profitable seed selection, optimum irrigation and dependable crop insurance to post-harvest storage methods and changing market prices. At, we have come together with the firm belief that we can’t look at these challenges in isolation. We need to connect the dots at an ecosystem level and create holistic, full-stack solutions at every stage of the crop cycle. We may not circumvent risk altogether, but by using technology, we can nurture a sustainable ecosystem that creates a resilient farmer.

The Ecosystem

The farm and the farmer are at the heart of the agricultural ecosystem. Beyond precision agricultural practices that reduce cost and increase yield, farmers need access to genuine retail inputs for soil nutrition, seed and crop protection as well as trade markets that pay the right price for quality produce. To make sustainability a top priority, it is crucial to open up new avenues of income that drive regenerative practices.

The solutions need to perform well not just for the farmers but also for every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Retailers should be able to grow their businesses through customer connectivity and rewards. Traders, processors and buyers should have complete clarity on their purchases via scientific methods that measure produce quality and trace sustainable practices, allowing them to confidently pass on this information to end consumers. Thereby creating an ecosystem that doesn’t merely focus on profit but works for the benefit of everyone.

The Crop Cycle

Our Solution

Using technology to shape the future of sustainable farming, at scale.’s
holistic solutions


Sustainable, scientific, high-
yield practices for growth,
harvest, post-harvest &
supply chain


Centralised access to
diverse, curated products,
services & intelligence
across input and output

It isn’t only about what needs to be done, but also
about when, how and how much.

In a typical farm, in one crop cycle, from pre-sowing to post-harvest, we make multiple interventions with solutions spanning practices, products and services.

We diagnose problems and potential threats

We advise on what should be done

We handle the implementation

We monitor as the solutions are implemented

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