Ensuring the farmer
and the environment
prosper together

Sustainable solutions for farmers that focus on reducing consumption of water, energy and chemicals, and in turn, improve the biological footprint of the soil.

Rewards to Drive Sustainable Regenerative Practices

We are creating an ecosystem that helps farmers discover and adopt regenerative practices, making farming sustainable. With a digital platform that tracks all farming activities even for small scale farmers, every small practice adds up. For example, replacing fixed-schedule spraying with need-based spraying. Or, providing alternatives to stubble burning and creating rich manure from crop residue. An aggregation based carbon farming model creates new income streams even for small scale farmers and ensures that good practices are rewarded. The additional income provides practical motivation for farmers to follow sustainable practices. 

Traceability of all Processes

We are bringing in information transparency by providing digitised traceability at every point in the crop cycle. Traceable practices give rise to legal, certified and measured carbon credits that corporations can purchase at a large scale. Credit monitoring via partnerships with certifying bodies ensure that credits are never resold.

Initiatives and causes
you can support

We are developing initiatives at regional, national and international levels to promote sustainable practices as alternatives to unhealthy stubble burning, residue discarding and other pollution causing practices. When we launch these initiatives, we look forward to your support and participation as an individual, a corporation or an institution.

Benefits of Regenerative Practices

Improve water holding capacity

Increase soil aggregation

Increase nutrient availability

Save cultivation costs

Achieve sustainability goals