Providing personalised, innovative and
scientific methods to boost your farm’s performance

Every farm is different and so is every farmer’s ambition. Hence we customise our solutions and provide personalised guidance to you both on-field via our operators and online via our app.

Our solutions range from scientific practices that bolster precision agriculture to financial and social solutions that reduce cost, improve your income, family life and overall well-being.

Our solutions help and reward you for following sustainable practices that minimise chemical residue.

Instead of downloading multiple apps and calling various support centers, you can use just our app for all your needs at every step of the crop cycle.

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Buy authentic inputs for
your farm

Crop Protection
Protect your crops with a range of curated, high-quality products

Genuine Products
Confidence in knowing what you’re purchasing, with complete traceability to ensure quality and eliminate counterfeits

Price Comparison
Compare and choose the best price you can get

Progress with robust financial solutions

Crop Insurance and Credit
Reduce risk via crop insurance and get affordable credit to invest in your ideas

Shared Machinery
Decrease costs by renting modern machinery and equipment

Marketplace and Rewards
Exchange seeds, products and tools with other farmers and earn rewards for following sustainable practices

Health Insurance
Protect yourself and your family with health insurance

Increase yield and speed with mechanisation

Soil Testing
Make your soil richer with scientific testing and optimal use of fertilizers and nutrients

Employ affordable professional spraying services for crop protection using tractors and drones

Use modern harvest and storage processes

Get expert advice on
farming practices

Crop Modeling and Advisory
Know which seeds are right for your soil, their nutrition requirements and conditions to help you achieve a higher yield

Implement water and energy saving irrigation practices

Farm Monitoring
Get customised recommendations from agronomists and scientists who regularly examine your farm and its health

Sell your
produce profitably

Smart Pricing
Earn profits by setting smart prices based on market intelligence

Access trade markets that value sustainable produce

Store your produce in a scientifically controlled environment

Difference made on field

Farmers in Gujarat increased their groundnut
yield by x%. Read more from our case study.

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