This is a rare opportunity to be part of something that is
truly transformational and impactful for the world

This is an opportunity to create a resilient agricultural ecosystem across the globe. This is an opportunity to build a sustainable future for us and the generations to come.

It requires us to bring about a remarkable shift in culture, ways
of working and systems. Joining us means joining a mission
to drive the change.

Open culture,
flat structure

We are a company born in
the remote work era. So
putting up walls was
completely out of the question.
Everyone is equal here and
we believe ideas can
come from anywhere.

Impactful work
with Fun

While the work we do is
bold, ambitious, serious and
outcome-driven, we are equally serious about having fun along the way! Taking digs at each other and proudly owning our quirks are a few of the ways we get to know each
other on and off-screen.

Try new things,
fail fast, learn
and move on

Being a trailblazer means creating your own path. We are in a completely undefined
territory with not many precedents to follow and need to continually learn from our own highs and lows.

Every small
win matters

We will have thousands of
complex solutions
presented in simplified
ways. Solutions such as
“spraying as a service”
may even sound trivial.
But for a farmer, it is 0 or
100, loss or profit. And
that outcome matters.

What we are looking for in our teammates

Passion for the mission

It will never be about one blockbuster idea or tech innovation. It will be about how deeply you care about the ecosystem. How intensely you want to solve problems. How happily you collaborate. And how empathically you focus on the end-users: Farmers, Retailers and Traders.

Individual journey over career trajectory

We are interested in knowing where your curiosity has taken you and how big you think. In your ability to take a punch and bounce back. In your capacity to debate while being respectful towards your colleagues and users. We want your ability to connect the dots, make tough decisions, and keep moving forward.

Personality and Perspective

We are energised by non-conformists who are comfortable in their own skin. By people from different backgrounds, perspectives and ways of working. People who question everything; are unpretentious, honest, and upfront about what they know and what they don’t. Open to constructive criticism, ready to go back to the drawing board and willing to seek help from colleagues.


You have been pained by this problem enough. You want to take the initiative, step in, get your hands dirty, and solve these problems by yourself.

Always learning

If you are looking at your career as a Jungle Gym: solving and learning; moving up, down, side to side; all-round development to build holistic know-how of the ecosystem and grow as an individual and leader, then you will enjoy the opportunities we offer. From technology to business to operations to product to agronomy to marketing to sales and strategy. There are no boundaries or silos.

If you are passionate about our mission, have a desire to learn and looking for a valuable experience, let’s get to know each other!

Didn’t find the right opportunity? Write to us anyway!

We are always looking for people who are passionate about the cause.

Attach your resume and portfolio, and make sure to mention in the body of the email:

  • What draws you to work with us?
  • What is the change or transformation you want to bring about?
  • How do you think you contribute best to this?


We’d love to hear from you! Thanks! is not just a company. It is a movement.

Partner with Us

To work “for the benefit” of the ecosystem, we keenly invest in institution and capacity building. We want to facilitate transformation beyond our scope. We hope newer initiatives and programs will branch out, snowball and become successful endeavours in their own right.

You could be a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO), a village expert, a university, a student, a teacher, a researcher, an institution, a corporate, a machine operator, a farmer with an idea or an individual with a concept.

We’d love to collaborate with you. Reach out to us at

Your seat is booked!

Welcome to Spring. Your registration for Spring has been confirmed. An email with joining details for this event will be sent to you soon. Don’t forget to check out and participate in the Design Challenge.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Come join us on March 26, 2022 to learn how design and research can play a role in transforming agriculture globally and bring human-centered experiences to the agricultural community.

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