Building value for farmers and buyers
through traceability of practices,
transparency of information, and
unparalleled convenience and
access to markets

We take the deepest care in equipping our partner farmers and growers with practices, products and services that ensure the long term health of the environment.

Along with that, we are committed to following humane agricultural practices that minimize the exposure of labour and farmers to chemicals and instead increase the use of bio solutions.


We enable end-to-end traceability of sustainable practices,
across the crop cycle, via rigorous documentation of:


The location, the farm, the
farmer and trail of the seed
variety used.

Crop Growth and

The products and practices
used to grow, protect and
harvest the crops as well as
store the produce.


Our detailed, scientific and
accurate cataloguing allows
you to quickly comprehend
attributes and assess
quality at a large scale
across multiple products.

From groundnuts and potatoes to fragile produce such as tomatoes; our detailed, scientific and accurate cataloguing allows you 

to quickly comprehend attributes and assess quality at a large scale across multiple products.

Cataloguing large
acidic tomatoes

Colour red
Avg. Weight 150gms

Size 65mm
Acidity pH 3.99

Online Marketplace

In addition to providing traceability, our online marketplace also allows you to:

Discover a variety of
curated quality products

Smart tools to help
you plan for demand

Place advance orders
and track delivery

Receive personalised
product suggestions

Avail of great offers
on the marketplace

Enjoy a host of
reward programs

Make secure, trusted,
digital payments

Submit secure bids and

Learn about our Value Chain

Find out how bulk produce secured in
cold storages for 8 months retains
optimum freshness and quality.

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