Enroll in our Carbon Program

Funding a better future

Earn carbon credits for
regenerative farming
practices over the years

Continue to accumulate
carbon credits for ongoing
practices into the future

We are creating a global
marketplace for carbon removal
to help you earn from your
carbon credits

Our revenue model is aligned with you —
the grower — to maximize what you can earn

Our methodology is open and transparent. We use industry-standard methods to ensure that you are in full control of generating and selling your carbon credits. 

How The Carbon Program Works


Use regenerative
agricultural practices
to remove CO2 from
the atmosphere


Model or measure
how much CO2
you’ve removed


Audit the
quantified data
from a 3rd party


Sell carbon
credits and get
paid for CO2

What happens after you get started?

Data Submission

Submit the required data to quantify carbon sequestered for your past practices


We estimate the potential carbon removed and inform you about projected earnings


Monitor the project with farming practices suggested annually


An approved third party verifier will review the evidence you have submitted


You will be paid for the total amount of CO2 tonnes qualified

Frequently Asked Questions

We take data privacy very seriously. Enrolling with us means that you’re accepting our data security agreement. We neither own your data nor will we seek ways to monetize it beyond carbon removal. We will only ever share your data with third parties for the purposes of quantification, how many credits to issue, and verification (sharing your data with the authorized verifier to review & verify your practices and carbon removal claims. If you send your data through a third party (like a farm management software platform), they would have access to your data for which you can share your consent on mail with us. Nurture will work with you closely to gather the required data & documentation necessary to facilitate quantification.

In addition to geospatial field boundaries, we are looking for information around planting and harvesting, tillage intensity, fertilizer use, organic matter additions, irrigation, liming, and burning.

If you lease or co-own land that you intend to enroll into the program, you will need to be assigned title to the ownership of the future credits so that you can sell them. You can work with a legal professional for this. To register these projects, you will need to prove that you’ve secured all the necessary arrangements. 

Not necessarily, you can decide which fields you want to sign up during the Pilot enrollment phase. You will be able to make a field-by-field decision on what moves ahead to the verification process when the time comes to enroll your project.

From our perspective, you can be in as many programs as you like that help you add value back to the farm. The only thing you cannot do is double-sell the carbon on that field. It is perfectly OK to get paid for your credit by one person, and share the data with another program that is interested in that information for carbon accounting or supply chain tracking reasons, but you cannot list and/or get paid for the same carbon benefits in more than one registry.

Before your CRTs are issued and are available to sell, we require verification of the adoption of your regenerative practices in the project. This step is done by a third-party auditor who is accredited in verifying greenhouse gas emissions. The best way to prepare for interim verifications is to organize your records with the data we require and take time-stamped, geo-located pictures (from your phone) that document your practices. 

The economic downturn caused by COVID-19 has seen a decline in allowances prices in various ETSs. This is to be expected with allowances prices being a function of demand and supply. 

The timeline for credits to be sold is expected to be immediate and fast selling.

Is this Carbon Program right for you?

You are a US-based grower and you have the intent to adopt or continue with regenerative practices such as conservation tillage, planted cover crops, organic matter through manure or mulching, planting changes or crop rotations

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