A movement to end stubble burning

Over 420,000 acres across Haryana and Punjab have been saved from stubble burning in 2021, and transitioned to sustainable farming practices.

Check out the CRM Program Impact Report to learn more.

Healthier Farms, Breathable Air, and a Sustainable Planet

Every year, over 5.7 million acres of rice paddy stubble is burned on farms in the northern plains of India, leading to severe environmental issues, depletion of soil quality, and loss of flora and fauna. A lack of any other viable choice pushes the farmers to burn the stubble, as burning is cheaper, faster and clears the land in time for the next cropping cycle.

Several agencies have tried to tackle the issue in silos with limited to no success in curbing it. nurture.farm has launched the Crop Residue Management (CRM) program to develop, deploy and scale an effective solution to #EndTheBurn. We are committed to helping these farmers ditch the matchstick and adopt sustainable, regenerative farming practices through this program.

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Replacing Fire With Brighter Futures

We have partnered with the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) to use PUSA decomposer—a bioenzyme developed by them, on the farms. It decomposes most of the stubble within 20-25 days, with no negative impact on the environment.

Mechanised Spraying

Farmers can avail mechanized spraying of PUSA decomposer on their stubble, post-harvest, through the nurture.farm app. The service is made available free of cost for all the 25,000+ farmers who have registered more than 5,00,000 acres of land with us so far.

Personalised Attention

We understand this is new for farmers, which is why we have deployed an extensive field team of Krishi Mitras (field partners) to guide them throughout the process. Our working model is all about personalised attention to each farmer.

Verification of Protocols

To ensure that protocols are adhered to, and the benefit to the farmer is guaranteed, we actively monitor these farmers remotely and through our field teams. We have also partnered with IIM-Rohtak for rigorous implementation of these protocols.

Our Commitment

We are building an open, digital platform to drive sustainable agriculture globally. We are part of the OpenAg™ network—an agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all, without limits or borders. Through our partnership with the UPL Group, IARI and IIM-Rohtak, we are developing and scaling this movement to create a sustainable future for all.

Join The Movement

Behind any successful movement is the power of the collective conscience! Come join our movement, and together let’s create a sustainable farm, a sustainable earth!

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We’re committed to enabling sustainable agricultural practices. through technology-enabled interventions and solutions. We thank you for your valuable support and partnership.

Check out the CRM Program Impact Report to learn more.

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