Empowering rural India through learning and development to create
employment opportunities in the agricultural ecosystem

Why this Matters​

Agriculture and agri-allied sectors (animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries and more) are the largest source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. It employs more than 50 per cent of the total workforce in the country and contributes around 17–18 percent to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Per the Economic Survey 2020-2021,  the share of agriculture in GDP has reached almost 20 percent for the first time in the last 17 years.  The growth rate of agriculture in the country is relatively much slower than other sectors due to a shift from a traditional agrarian economy to industry- and service-dominated sectors. The percentage distribution of agricultural workers (principal and subsidiary status workers) has also declined in both rural and urban areas between 1987-88 and 2019-2020. aims to bring sustainable solutions to farms, farmers and others employed in agriculture and its allied businesses by creating blue-collar jobs in and around agriculture and providing gainful employment from pre-sowing to post-harvest activities.

Empowering the Rural Workforce Through Learning and Development launched Academy in April 2021 with the mission to educate, train and certify individuals from rural farming communities in India.

It aims to create a best-in-class pool of capable next-generation agtech professionals who can participate in their local economies, contribute their knowledge to local farmers and retailers, and support and transform agricultural practices in those regions.

Academy has created training programs to enhance agricultural knowledge, improve career paths, provide machine running and maintenance training, and more to provide men and women in rural areas equal employment opportunities and earning potential to succeed in agriculture. There are learning programs on operating farm machinery, improving agricultural knowledge, digital sales, soft skills, and more.

These trainings consist of both online and offline classes. The offline sessions are conducted in hotels or government-sponsored conference centres and comprise:

  • Product: Agricultural inputs (fertilisers and more) and the functionalities of the app
  • Services: Spraying, harvesting, seed treatment, soil testing, advisory, data collection, program enrollment, and more
  • Process: Machine management and running, cash collection and communication protocol
  • Behaviour: Soft skills and customer-focused behaviours
Benefits of Academy
  • Acquiring new skills and knowledge related to agriculture
  • Accredited certifications and employment opportunities (on and externally)
  • Being part of a certified and trained workforce
  • Career Progression and Growth Opportunities

Academy is well positioned to examine and improve diversity hiring practices in agriculture through skill training, job training and career development for qualified diversity candidates through a combination of online and classroom training sessions. It also plays a key role in bringing women into the agricultural workforce through education, training, certification, and providing them employment within or outside the platform.’s Academy learning institute program has been recognised for driving transformational social impact and awarded a Gold by the Brandon Hall Group in 2021 in the ‘Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation‘ category. The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards program recognises the best organisations globally that have successfully deployed learning programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems and tools that have achieved measurable results.

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